About the School

Heworth Grange School is a co-educational academy, part of Consilium Academies, based in the Gateshead area of the North-East, with approximately 1100 students on role. Our core values of learn, believe and achieve make Heworth Grange an exciting place to learn.

It is our aim to deliver an outstanding educational experience to our students and prepare our young people for adult life. The Heworth Grange learning community is one that encourages every single pupil to achieve their full potential. We engage, challenge and motivate by providing the widest possible curriculum.

Heworth Grange School has benefited from access to state of the art facilities, perfectly suited to providing the education that young people in the locality deserve. We believe our new building leads the way technically and compliments the teaching styles embraced by our staff.

As a school, we work towards the following priorities for 2019/2020:

  • To improve the climate for learning, centered around a mutually positive learning environment
  • To improve the punctuality and attendance of all pupils
  • To have a no excuses approach to bullying and poor behaviour
  • To improve the outcomes of all pupils

We operate a nurturing environment where every pupil is encouraged to have high aspirations. No goal should ever be out of reach for our learners.  Individuals are recognised, respected, celebrated and valued for their individual achievements by all students, staff, parents, carers and the wider community.

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Heworth Grange School is now set on a journey to be a world class school and recruiting our new Headteacher is the first crucial step to us achieving this aim.